Northampton, UK… Last night West Northamptonshire Development Corporation granted planning approval for a state-of-the-art community complex, to be known as the Kutumbh (meaning “wider family”) Centre, off Lings Way in East Northampton.

“This eco-friendly centre will be a landmark development in Northampton. It will provide a wide range of sports, educational, entertainment and recreational facilities to people of all ages and backgrounds.  Additionally, we are aiming to make this a centre of excellence for people wishing to do business with India.  This will make the Kutumbh Centre an important local base for promoting business and entrepreneurship,” said Mrs Neelam Aggarwal, Chairperson of the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation (IHWO), which is developing the Kutumbh Centre.  She added, “Receiving planning approval is the realisation of a 40 year old ambition for the Hindu community in Northampton, which has long wanted such a centre for the people of Northampton.”

The Kutumbh Centre has been designed to use state-of-the-art, sustainable solar technology as well as geo-thermal pump technology, which will use the natural heat within the ground to heat up the centre.  There will be a rain water collection and recycling system, which will reduce the demand on  public water supplies. The roof space will provide a “green” space made up of vegetation, which will encourage the habitation of local bird life.  A large area of land will also be designated as ‘wild meadow’, which again will encourage the habitation of local wildlife.

The Kutumbh Centre will also house a beautifully designed Hindu temple, open to all, which IHWO also hopes to use as an educational facility in partnership with local schools.

In June 2008, Northampton Borough Council granted 4.3 acres of land on Lumbertubs Way, off Ling Way, to IHWO for building the Kutumbh Centre.  In July 2009, IHWO submitted a planning application for building consent.  Now that approval has been granted IHWO will pursue its fund raising strategy to raise the £12 million needed to build the centre.  IHWO expects to commence building work in 2012.

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