Forum set up to provide progress update on Kutumb Centre

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31 January 2014

Innovative landmark centre backed at national level

Forum set up to provide progress update on the centre

Northampton, UK… An ‘open’ forum, to be hosted at Northampton College, will be held on Friday 7 February at 7.00pm at the college’s Drama Theatre at its state of the art building on Booth Lane. The forum, which is open to anyone to attend, will provide a progress update on the development of the Northampton Kutumb Centre, a state-of-the-art community complex that will be built in Lings Way in Northampton.

The event will showcase the centre and its numerous planned facilities, as well as providing details on the fund raising strategy, construction plans and build timelines. A speech in support of the centre will be given by our own local MP and the facilitator of this event:

  • Michael Ellis MP for Northampton North

Special Guest speakers:

  • Keith Vaz MP (Leicester East) and Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee
  • David Mackintosh, Leader of Northampton Borough Council

Michael Ellis MP has been instrumental in making this event happen and in helping to raise awareness of the Northampton Kutumb Centre at a national level. Mr Ellis helped organise a high profiled event at the Houses of Commons in London on 14 October 2013, which was attended by key representatives of the business and political community as well as leaders of various national community groups. A key note speech supporting the Northampton Kutumb Centre was also given by Michael Fallon, Minister of State for Business and Enterprise.

Mr Ellis said: “The Northampton Kutumb Centre will be a wonderful resource for our entire community in Northampton and I am very pleased to support this ambitious project. I have supported this endeavour for many years now and I look forward to seeing it become a reality.”

Principal at Northampton College, Pat Brennan-Barrett said, “We’re honoured to be hosting this event and to be able to support the work of the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation. Our new building at Booth Lane was built with the local population in mind and we are passionate about developing local partnerships and playing a positive role in our community.”

“Once built, the Northampton Kutumb (or ‘wider family’) Centre will be an innovative and eco-friendly landmark complex. It will be open to people of all ages and backgrounds and will encompass state-of-the-art sports, leisure, educational and enterprise facilities, as well as a spectacular Hindu temple,” said Neelam Aggarwal-Singh MBE , Chairperson of IHWO, the organisation behind the centre.

The Northampton Kutumb Centre has been designed to use state-of-the-art, sustainable solar technology as well as geo-thermal pump technology, which will use the natural heat within the ground to heat up the centre.

There will be a rain water collection and recycling system, which will reduce the demand on public water supplies. The roof space will provide a “green” space made up of vegetation, which will encourage the habitation of local bird life. A large area of land will also be designated as ‘wild meadow’, which again will encourage the habitation of local wildlife.

As well as the sports, recreational and enterprise facilities the Northampton Kutumb Centre will also house a beautifully designed Hindu temple, which will be open to everyone. IHWO hopes the temple will be a site of interest to people from all backgrounds and has plans to use it as an educational facility in partnership with local schools.


Notes to Editors
  1. Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation (IHWO) is a dynamic voluntary organisation focused on enriching the lives of Northampton’s Hindus by meeting their social, cultural, welfare and health needs (registered charity No. 1114457). IHWO is also working towards building an integrated local society by developing partnerships with and encouraging involvement from different communities.
    IHWO works tirelessly in delivering an ever changing and exciting programme of activities and events to people of all ages, which includes classes, clubs, trips, sports, entertainment and cultural events.
    IHWO is also developing an innovative landmark community facility, to be known as the Northampton Kutumb Centre (or ‘wider family’), which will be open to everyone and will encompass state-of-the-art sports, leisure, educational and enterprise facilities, as well as a spectacular Hindu temple.
  2. The Northampton Kutumb Centre will provide the following facilities:
  • Facilities for cultural, social and entertainment events
  • Centre of excellence for business
  • Exhibition and learning space for community arts, music and dance
  • Space-smart venues for big events and smaller meetings
  • Various sporting activities
  • Variety of social, educational and welfare clubs
  • Accredited crèche and nursery facilities
  • Sympathetic housing complex for people over the age of 55
  • Day care for the elderly
  • Fully equipped IT suite
  • Specialist library
  • Youth Facilities
  • Office space for other organisations
  • Welcoming Hindu temple